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Welcome to Croatia

Put Kumenta 16, 23210, Biograd na Moru, Croatia 

GPS: 43.9340086N, 15.4487431E

  • Location: southeastern Europe 
  • Official name: Croatia 
  • Capital city: Zagreb (Zagreb) 
  • Language: Croatian, Serbian, Italian 
  • Religion: Catholics, Serbian Orthodoxy 
  • Currency: 1 kuna (HRK) = 100 lipa 


To travel to Croatia, you need a valid travel document Ð passport or national ID card for members of EU countries. If you are traveling with a pet, it is necessary that it is vaccinated against rabies and has a microchip according to ISO 11784 or 11785.

Address of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Croatia:

Zagreb, Radnicka cesta 47/6, phone: +385/1/617 72 46, 619 21 16, 619 21 19, consular emergency - mobile phone: +385 916 121 533, e-mail: 

In case of an accident, call 112 - the interviews are conducted in English, German, Italian, Hungarian, Slovak and Czech.

V případě nehody volejte 112 - rozhovory jsou vedeny anglicky, německy, italsky, maďarsky, slovensky i česky.


The currency in Croatia is the Croatian kuna (1 HRK = approx. CZK 3.70). In most banks, receptions and some exchange offices, it is also possible to exchange Czech crowns. Most shops and institutions accept VISA and EC / MC international payment cards. In the Czech Republic, it is possible to buy Croatian currency in banks and exchange offices.


The climate is diverse, from continental in the northeastern part of the country through the mountain climate in the highlands to the coastal on the Adriatic, typically Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot dry summers. The warmest month on the coast is July; the highest temperatures reach 34 ¡C in Istria and up to 38 ¡C in southern Dalmatia. Night temperatures do not fall below 20 ¡C. The coast is characterized by a large number of sunny days. The clouds are decreasing towards the south.


If you are travelling on holiday by car, all you need is a Czech driving license, a vehicle registration and a Green International Insurance Card. If you rent a vehicle to travel, you must have the notarized consent of the vehicle owner.

AUSTRIA Ten-day vignette - approx. 10 EUR, two-month vignette - approx. 28 EUR. The maximum speed limit on motorways is 130 km/h, on ordinary roads 100 km/h and within the built-up areas 50 km/h. The car must be equipped with a reflective vest, children under 14 years (up to 150 cm) must travel in a car seat.

SLOVENIA One-week vignette approx. EUR 15, one-month vignette approx. EUR 30 (the sticker is mandatory not only on motorways but also on expressways, including motorway bypasses in Ljubljana and Maribor). Speed limit on motorways is 130 km/h, on ordinary roads 90 km/h and within the built-up areas 50 km/h. You should note the obligatory use of low-beam headlights even during daytime driving.

CROATIA Toll is paid in cash. One way from 7 to approx. 271 HRK according to the selected route. The bridge fee to the Krk island is about 35 HRK. Speed limit is 130 km/h on the motorway, 90 km/h on ordinary roads and 50 km/h within the built-up areas. Croatian roads are narrow and often slippery not only when wet. You should note the obligatory year-round use of low-beam headlights and obligatory use of car seats for children under 5 years of age. Cyclists under the age of 16 are required to wear a bicycle helmet.

phone +420 775 001 972
Phone number of the Biograd delegate: +420 608 449 888

Have a beautiful and healthy summer in the sea air and sunshine. Pamper yourself with swimming or lots of trips, sports and other relaxation.

Our air-conditioned mobile homes Eurohouse and Nord with a maximum capacity of 4+2 (two bedrooms + living room + kitchen + bathroom with toilet + terrace) which are equipped with air conditioning, TV, WiFi, approx. 250m from the beach and promenades are waiting for you. Mobile homes Eurohouse for a SPECIAL PRICE of 50 euros and Nord for a SPECIAL PRICE of 100 euros per person/week + camping fees. The price is per person regardless of age. Camp fees can be found in our price list on our website or by phone +420 608 449 888) OWN TRANSPORTATION ONLY.

If you are interested in more detailed information, call us every day on +420 608 449 888 or write to our email:

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Cafe in the center of Biograd 

Church of St. Stoäija 

Sunset over Biograd 

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